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The most important reason for using Finnworld is there is no mark up on prices or any cost for tour organisers using our services. 

The prices we give for accommodation, programmes, attractions, resorts, etc. are net prices and the same if organisers go direct to the various suppliers.

Whatever size your business, Finnworld meets you company needs. We match the right supplier with your brand and assist in producing tailored programmes to best suit your clients

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5 Benefits of Finnworld

  • We understand the local markets; what sells and what you need
  • We only work with Finland and select Finnish suppliers.
  • We have over 30 years combined experience and product knowledge of the destination
  • We have worked with many operators of all sizes in the UK, Ireland and beyond
  • We have in-depth experience of chartering and large group programmes

Example Tours

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Find the perfect programme & tour partner with zero effort & cost


Why choose us


  • We take the time, hard work and effort out of finding new products, building programmes or extending existing programmes
  • We give full product training, workshops and organise familiarisation trips
  • We introduce you to the best tour suppliers for your needs
How do we do that?


  • We meet you face to face and get to know your company
  • Finnworld arrange regular workshops in your home country
  • Finnworld exhibit at the major tourism exhibitions
  • We keep you posted through social media, newsletters, email broadcasts, on our website and regular webinars

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